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Have you ever gazed longingly at those fashion photos of a glamourous model draped over long suffering horse and then said,oh nice photo but the horse has its ears back,and its leg resting.If so you must be an equestrian.You love fashion,but are more likely to be found covered in horse hair and mud.Well now i can help you create a lasting memory of your four legged best friend,with a little bit of glamour thrown in.You get to dress up,as many outfits as you like,drape to you hearts content over your own shiny "Clothes Horse" and create something truly unique,thats just yours,because it was created with your style and your horses.As an equine  and portrait photographer, not only can i make you  look good but i take the extra time to make sure your horse has the right expression to compliment your look.For an afternoon of Fun,Fashion and Horses why not book a shoot,you can even share one with a friend and capture precious and unforgettable moments between horse and owner.Lets face it,who doesn't want to look like a supermodel or princess for an afternoon,so change out of those stained jodhpurs,put on the makeup ,unleash the inner Diva and create your own work of Art.

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